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The Presidential Coalition Supports Term Limits at All Levels Of Government

Honoring the concept of the “citizen-politician” is a critically important attribute for the leaders of tomorrow.  Candidates for public office who share our mindset that out of touch career politicians with entrenched power are detrimental to common sense government reforms understand the importance of term limits. 

Our Founding Fathers envisioned representatives who would come to Washington (or their state capital or county office or town hall) to serve for a limited time and then return to their careers. The alarming rise of politicians who strive to make a lucrative career out of politics has made the need for term limits at all levels of government absolutely essential.

It’s critically important for state and local governments to enact term limits for their representatives. It’s also important to elect State Representatives and Senators who would vote in favor of amending the U.S. Constitution if a federal term limits amendment were to pass the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. President Donald Trump and many members of Congress currently support term limits.

A constitutional amendment must pass both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate with a two-thirds majority and then must be approved by three-fourths of the states. All 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution have been enacted in this manner. The other way to amend the Constitution is via Constitutional Convention, which would have to be called together by two-thirds of the states.


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